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MH OC Sam Yana School's out (2nd wave) by Nikuzilla MH OC Sam Yana School's out (2nd wave) by Nikuzilla
Oh yeah, i'm in the zone! I'll continue paying myself some stuff i owe myself and this was part of that so... Tadaaa~ you got it.

Mr Sam changed a lot since his 1st wave bio was out for the very first time (I mean, ya know i revamped it because i didn't like it)
Now... For some people this bio is kinda new but i want you to know that it's... kinda outdated...

Now you can see the final look of his horns after having a dramatic fight with The Legion of Mansters. I'll make sure to let you know exactly what happened and i hope all the artists involved let me name their ocs because it's canon in Sam's story and it's my story so i kinda have the right to write it down and post it somewhere.

Now, you will probably want me to explain THIS first.
:bulletred: During Second wave, Berry jumped from being Sam's Friends with Benefits to be his ghoulfriend, in an Open relationship so they could hang out without her parents freaking out (because Sam is a womanizer, do you think Bowser would trust Sam?)
:bulletred: Crush for Erina. Since the beggining of times you know he has a Something for her, yet again... Sam has a Pirate's heart, if you know what i mean.
:bulletred: Balaam Abigor added as Best friend, he kinda saved his butt during TLoM arc
:bulletred: Derreck Head added as friend or as Sam likes to call him.. The newbie. Both metalheads to the core and Derreck literally to the core being Eddie's son. Those two basturds rule together everything that is metal at the Campus.
:bulletred: Roxie Fawkes added as Friend with Benefits, there are several pictures of those two going lovey dovey... and then Sam's butt being epically kicked by Luciefer, Roxie's mom.
:bulletred: Rosu Bruttenholm... OW MY FEELS.. Those two where a couple for a few months before they decided to split and just be friends. Even if she wants to kick his balls so hard that Belial would scream in pain those two share a Something really deep and hard to explain (That will end in something really cool and heartmelting... It will also crush your heart with no mercy). So.. For Sam, Rosu is one of his Best friends instead of just an Ex.
:bulletred: MMA was added to his favorite activities along with casketball, he was part of the school's team until he decided it wasn't enough and he needed something way more rough to blow some steam.
:bulletred: "Other contact sports"... do you count sex as a sport? I kinda do.
:bulletred: got rid of some useless shit.

Again, there are a few friends missing but i didn't forget em', i'll try to make an animated version of this so i can add all of my ocs' friends, i'm already working in other bios i owe myself so please be patient, i'm paying everything i owe now that i have some free time.

Berry and Erina are LilithIrina's
Balaam Abigor is mine
Derreck Head is AnaAosPedacos's
Rosu Bruttenholm is EnigmaApocalypse's
Roxie Fawkes is RukiexRamen's
Note Rukie Hellz (The character) was renamed to Roxie Fawkes due development by her owner. I can't edit this piece so i want you all to know her name is not Rukie Hellz anymore, refer to this character as Roxie Fawkes

Background:… (WARNING: If you open it, this link with automatically download the gates of hell into your computer so Belial can take his place on earth to begin the Apocalypse... Just kidding, it will just download the picture... or not?)

Siracha, BBQ ribs, Fist decal and Malleus are free Clipart, Malleus comes from a page named "How to draw a Cerberus"

Template by :iconladydragonqueen:

Open relationship: AnaAosPedacos
Others: KPenDragon MarzipanMassacre

Yes, Sam's shirt says Celine Dion "my heart will go on"
Original shirt:…
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sparks220stars Featured By Owner May 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Desde hace tiempo me gusta este personaje y he tenido ganas de dibujarlo, pero me da pena preguntarte :( (Sad) , ¿seria muy atrevido de mi parte hacerlo?
Nikuzilla Featured By Owner May 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No es ningun atrevimiento! De igual manera quisiera preguntarte lo mismo sobre tus personajes, hay muchos que me encantaria dibujar y el chico esfinge es super lindo :meow:
RukiexRamen Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
huuuuuuuuuuuu my baby is here >w<
his new outfit is great too. uwu
'' and then Sam's butt being epically kicked by Luciefer, Rukie's mom. '' ahah damn right :V
oh and you gonna see your bday gift very soon ewe ~ better give you your gift early because why not! :U
ThestralWizard Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you for keping Derreck and using my  open relationship decal =)
Nikuzilla Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for letting me add Derreck to Sam's friends and your decal is awesome! I almost forgot to add the credits for all the decals it must have slipped my mind but i fixed it, Thank you again! nwn
ThestralWizard Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Welcome dear
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